Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Spring

Hello. Here's some thumbnails for a project I'm working on with/for a friend called "Nomak and the Netherghetto." It'll be ten digitally painted images when it's finished:
Here's a character design for another comic project that I'm working on that'll be taking up most of my time in the near future (which I'm looking forward to):
Here's a thing I did for a project that I was pretty late on:
Also, it's been abnormally warm for January these last couple of weeks. Inspired by the nice weather I decided to get out and revive my hobby of finding unusual places in the city. I made a tumblr that will feature photographs that shine a light on some of the more post-apocalyptic aspects of Kansas City: Also, here is a page from the sketchbook:
Until next time.... -¡v¡˚˚DY


casper said...

great stuff man - love it!
especially the colors on the wizard character.

Buster said...

thanks, jeremy. i'm bout to go all-in on that comic, i believe. i think it'll be cool.