Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Strange and the X.

Some weird drawings:

And some Men of X:

So I have several semi-neurotic traditions that I must follow with the seasons in order to function properly. One of which is my NEED to read through all of my Essential X-Men collections (those fancy b&w newsprint ones) every Fall-thru-Winter, so I decided that this time, I'd try to do a sketch for at least every other X-Adventure that they go on, drawing the main bad guys and the heroes involved in decimating them. Essentially, th\e Wolverine and Cyclops sketches are warm-ups for this, though their aesthetic is something that isn't a good indicator of what's to come since I'm going to try and use this as a way of testing out different media as well.

X-Cited? No..... Well, I am.

(I'm about to put a new COUGHhorribleCOUGH page up at the Fauxmo site as well)

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alan-hun said...

i really like this. i think you'd dig the stan lee tribute art on the server.