Monday, October 6, 2008

Long live my computer.


jonathan.lane said...

what happened?

jonathan.lane said...

please help revive fauxmo. it's dead yo. where's hake's page? get dlinc on that shiznotch brohahm.

Buster said...

I've got at least one more page finished drawing, but I wanted to try to heavily mend it with ze compooter.

Also, I got a page sketched up in the works that'll follow my PBJ page. That one may take a while.

D-Linc's all stagnate with the fauxmo at the momo. Cpt. McCorthy, I think's, wanting to follow those year old pages that you put up. Hake hasn't really moved in the direction of finishing a page. James and Al wants to, but every time we get together the situation kind of degenerates into yelling at people that walk by the balcony. OCL's got sumpin' in the werks, I believe. Sakari, I dunno, but hopefully will do something.

And yeah.

jonathan.lane said...

put the grit down, grip right, get down. n'er.