Thursday, August 21, 2008


(A reworking/style test of the sketch above it)

These are a few "style test" sketches that I've done for a story that will be in some book that Image Comics is putting out, in which Harold Sipe will be writing the portion I'm illustrating. More news on the book to come.

The thumbnails for the first four page layouts are on my tumblr site, if you're interested.

Check it out.


dtk1029 said...

look like you loosen up your style a bit?

jonathan.lane said...

you'll miss animation once you go professional illustrator, i assure you.

if you must have three blogs, try to keep at least one up to date. i look forward to seeing more of this stuff. it's good of course but it'll never sell until the towel comes off. needs more cock. more cock and nads. clearly you have overlooked this essential compositional element.