Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wutta buncha Fauxmos

Hey! Long time! Check out the stuff that we're doing over at The Fauxmosapien Collective.

The idea is that one dude draws a page of a comic, then passes it on for a different dude to draw the next. It's completely improvised and completely fun. The participants are Jon Lane, James Carey, Osciel Ramos, and myself. Osciel still has yet to add a page (alas, he's in TX), but we've been meeting fairly frequently, and I think it could really turn out to be something cool.

So far I, personally, have only drawn 2 pages (which are not yet posted), but here's a piece of concept art that I did for it before we knew exactly what we were doing:

If you like it you should check it out periodically!


jSchlock said...

Yo Busta, are we going to keep drawing or what? Keep is sleezy regardless.

dtk1029 said...

How do I make you listed as a friend on this blog grrrr