Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend was Planet Comic Con in the KCMO, so naturally I was there with the homie Caleb Goellner pushing copies of TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD #1 on the public. This dude approves:

We pretty much moved all the hard copies, but nevar forget that it's still available at for pay-what-you-wish. We're also planning on reprinting it aesop, so check back for updates on getting the real deal in yer mitts. This is what it looks like in print on a cat-furry rug:

In addition to slinging santaitastic comics, I picked up cool stuff from some of my favorite comics and related peeps from around town. Here's a sampling:

Kyle Strahm had copies of his awesome sketchbook UNTOLD:

 Eve Englezos had some cool (not pictured) pizza and eye brooches, as well as these uber-dope "Famous Klingon" zines:

Local boss-level-flesh-inker (great tattoo artist) Jessie Hopeless had these (I like how the "hey" is almost like an ambigram):

A friend of mine, Jake Bartholomew Schmidt, had copies of his book THREE:

From Springfield came Brian Koschak with SEA TITANS, which he drew and wrote (with his kids):

Chris Grine traded me a copy of his great book CHICKENHARE for TFRS:

The dude Travis Fox had a new FOXYMORON minicomic that was GREAT (peoples, bother him to make moar comix alla the time):

My favorite comic of the weekend was another one I grabbed from my dude Jake, who's comic's writer's 9 year old daughter, Grace Patenaude wrote and drew... WOOF "a cartoon":

And I'll show you this drawing I got from Peter Bagge and consider Planet Comicon in the BAGGE HA OK BYE:

(don't forget tell your friends)



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