Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Here's some designs for a comic I'm drawing!

Here's a sketch for what'll be a digital painting for that dang astronaut comic I'm working on. This is mid-WIP.

Here are a couple of musical beat tracks:

This first one is, in a way, dedicated to Philip K. Dick and is named after his final unfinished novel, The Owl In Daylight, which was to be the last of his VALIS trilogy.
owl in daylight by BM��DY

the time by BM��DY

Also, over on the DC Fifty-Too blog, a buncha people decided to keep the ball rolling with a Marvel theme. The final, colored cover that I did for it can been seen HERE, and the black and white ink version is right here:

OH! Screamland #5 came out today as well. Please go to your local comic shop and buy it IMMEDIATELY (if you even want to).

Til next time... Peaces, my nieces.

-B = <3