Friday, September 2, 2011


Dear you-

Here are some things I've been up to...

A couple pieces of fan art that I drew:

Here's Briareos from Shirow's Appleseed:

Here's White and Black from TekkonKinkreet:

On that note, there's a great interview with Matsumoto HERE. They've released the completed NO. 5 in English for iPad, which is pretty cool I guess. I've only ever been able to get my hands on Vol. 1, and until this point only the first two volumes were released in English anyway.  Also check out Blue Spring and GoGo Monster by Matsumoto- both very good too.

I also started a new comic with an astronaut. I have about a half dozen pages done so far, and hope to keep rolling on it. Here are some initial page sketches:

ALSO, ComicsAlliance posted THIS about my art, which was cool. Thanks to those dudes.
And thanks to you.


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