Friday, August 19, 2011

Shy Town Star Watcher

So, this last weekend I was at The Wizard World Chicago Comicon. It was pretty cool. Selling books and having a table and everything is nice, but the highlights for me were probably the little bits of my own fandom that I was able to slip in. I got some original artwork from Geof Darrow and bothered him a few times over the weekend. He was nice enough to not tell me to "buzz off" as I was drooling over his art. We talked a little bit about Moebius and Totoro too, before I started to feel bad about abandoning my table.

Lee Leslie and I were able to move a good amount of Screamland, and it was nice hearing from people who've been enjoying the work that we've done on it so far. Lee's got a post with pictures and whatnot from the show HERE. Here's a picture he took of me drawing which I yanked:

There was also an Eduardo Risso show at Challengers Comic's art gallery, so we went and checked that out one night. It was amazing. It took all my will power to not blow hundreds of dollars I don't actually have on some original pages that were for sale. Here's my face when I was looking at his black and white pages:

There's also a new Moebius art meme going around the interwebcomputertubes based on his Star Watcher piece. I believe Brandon Graham is responsible for this one, but HERE are a bunch of versions that have been posted on the Quenched Consciousness blog.

I decided to do one in my sketchbook, then decided to color it. It's followed by the black and white version, then the original piece by Moebius:

I was going to post some music I've been listening to lately, but I don't feel like hunting down the links and embedding them and everything else, or whatever, so that's it for now.



Jessica said...

You've done good, babe.

rawn gandy said...

thanks for liking my crap. your shit is pretty shiny too.