Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Bakalite

Anyone that knows me fairly well knows that Moebius is a pretty huge artistic influence to me. I was thumbing back through The Airtight Garage and the moderately insignificant character of The Bakalite seemed to stand out, so I decided to give him a draw. People familiar with Mr. Giraud's work know that he is the master of head-wear, and the Bakalite is no exception to this rule.

Peep out my drawing of him and his.... pets?:



Stuart said...

Awesome. I had a chance to see him in the USA at CTN expo. He seemed pretty down to earth. Exactly what you hope see from an old legend.

Buster said...

That'd've been cool.

Jonathan said...

Aaaaah, such a good decision Buster. Mobeus's stippling is replaced with crosshatching.