Monday, September 22, 2008


Here's a few pages from this thing I'm workin' on with Harold Sipe. These are just some low quality photos but I hope to have them scanned in very shortly, so as to be able to get down and durdy on the coloring ASAP. Enjoy:

And here's a couple color tests. Still don't really know exactly how I'll handle the colors, but I was kinda diggin' the way that the tests have been going:

And more to come once I start the coloring.

(Also don't forget about the semi-regularly updated Fauxmosapien Collective)!


jonathan.lane said...


i think that white in the colored frame is coming off too intense.

other than that,

patrick attempts at drawing the attractive female? ...hell simmers, a breeze is felt.

Buster said...

I felt the same way. The white looks better overlayed.